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QuickTreX® PRO System™

Multimode OM3 10 Gigabit Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assembly

Install fiber optics with no prior knowledge or tooling with QuickTreX Pre-Terminated Fiber certified for 10-Gigabit transmission. QuickTreX® brand, custom "Fiber whips™" Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies have a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. When we receive your custom order, we build the assembly to your specifications using the finest materials to our exacting standards. The assembly is made in the USA by skilled technicians under controlled conditions and comes to you fully tested and ready for immediate installation.

  • Made to exacting specifications. Factory terminated and tested.
  • Factory terminations and polishing are superior to virtually all field terminations
  • Quality made in the USA by Skilled Technicians
  • Fibers are color coded and protected using 2 mm buffer tubes
  • Optional "Pulling Eyes" (pulling baskets) allow the ends of the assembly to be pulled into place while protecting the connectors.
  • Save time on your installation

Choose QuickTreX® brand, custom "Fiber whips™" for all of your Fiber Optic Cable installations because they are among the finest and most reliable that you can get anywhere.

Fiber Type: Multimode OM3 10-GIG
Connector Types available: ST, SC, LC
Available Length: 10 - 5000 Feet
Pulling Eye: one end, both ends, none
Fiber Core: 50/125