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QuickTreX® 24 Port SHIELDED Cat 6E Component Level Patch Panel

Cat 6E STP Component Level 24 Port Patch Panels by QuickTreX® deliver excellent headroom beyond 500MHz. They exceed the TIA/EIA Cat 6E Specification to support Gigabit standards. Patented PCB circuit & unique contact alignment does the main work in suppressing the internal magnetic coupling between pairs.

Robust Die Cast housing virtually eliminates Alien Crosstalk and EMI this makes the Cat 6E STP Component level shielded solution ideal for healthcare, government, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and other environments where EMI may be present and data security and high performance are paramount.

The Patch Panel features easy Install Terminations. Comes with 24 6E STP Component Level Shielded Jacks that snap in. This is done purposely to Maximize performance since every Cat 6E channel will be fully shielded to eliminate Alien crosstalk from adjacent cable connections. This also cuts down on installation time. These Patch Panels have been extensively tested in the laboratory, and in the field.

Advantages of true Cat 6E Component Level Patch Panels

  • Robust Die Cast housings for each individual cable virtually eliminates Alien Crosstalk and EMI (electromagnetic interference) effectively.
  • Tested and Certified Cat 6E Component Level  Performance by UL (Underwriters Labs) and the ETL (Electronic Testing Labs - An independent third party)
  • High Density patch panel allows for 24 ports in a 1-U (1  .75”) space
  • Easy and fast terminations
  • Exceeds internal and alien crosstalk parameter as witnessed by ETL (Electronic Testing Labs, an independent third party)
  • Lead free and RoHS compliant
  • Offers superior alien crosstalk mitigation and excellent insertion loss that surpasses all unshielded systems.
  • Insertion life -- 750 cycles minimum UL listed
*** Contains 24 Cat 6E Component Level Shielded Jacks, 24 Port High Density Special Blank Patch Panel, and Grounding Hardware

Specs: QuickTreX® 24 Port SHIELDED Cat 6E Component Level Patch Panel

Weight: 1.5 lbs