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QuickTreX® 24 Port Keystone Blank Patch Panel (1 RU)

The Keystone blank patch panels offer unlimited flexibility to and ease of installation the user. The port openings will accept any "Keystone" device. Load your patch panel with any combination of the following:
  • Cat 5E Feed-thru couplers (most popular application)
  • Cat 5E and/or Cat 6 Jacks
  • Voice Jacks (telephone)
  • Co-ax 'F' coupler (CATV, Broadband, Antenna, etc)
  • Fiber Optic (ST, SC, MTRJ, etc)
These are Premium High-Density Panels. Devices fit flush.

When used with pre-terminated patch cables and feed-thru couplers these panels offer a premise cable plant that requires no terminations! Great for SOHO, Disaster Recovery and quick custom setups.

Weight: 1.5 lbs

SKU # QT-48-205-X2U