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QuickTreX® Network Splitter

  • Splits one 4 pair category 5 (or 5E) cable into two Network connections. Works with * 100Base-T Ethernet, 10Base-T, or any connection that utilizes pins 1, 2, 3 & 6.
  • Sold in pairs. Use one at the hub or switch, and one at the user side. Requires two patch cables at each end (total of 4, sold separately)
  • Internal Printed Circuit board Structure meets EIA/TIA Cat 5E Specifications.
  • Works in both 568A and 568B wired systems.
  • Network Administrators, keep several on hand for last minute additions!

Application Notes:
1) Requires a proper full 8 pin wiring connection.
2) * For 100Base-T Ethernet, it is recommended that category 5 enhanced cable be used.
3) Longer runs, or cable runs that are less than perfect, may experience lower performance.
4) Requires two patch cables at each end (total of 4, sold separately).

Also available with cables as Network Splitter Kit. The kit contains: a pair of splitters, two (2) 3' Category 5 E patch cables, and two (2) 10' Category 5 E patch cables.

Weight: 0.8125 lb

SKU # QT-Net-Splitr-2 (PAIR), QT-Net-Splitr-Kit (KIT)