Fiber channel supremacy driven by 10 GbE


In the storage sector, a great debate has been unfolding as to whether iSCSI or fiber channel over Ethernet will emerge as the dominant networking protocol for storage arrays. In a recent interview with TechTarget, industry expert Steve Pinder said the rising popularity of 10 GbE is giving FCoE a clear edge in the storage networking battle.

Pinder told the news source that emerging technologies, such as iSCSI, are attempting to challenge FCoE, but the capabilities offered by network equipment supporting 10 GbE is giving the latter a clear edge.

"I really see FCoE taking away a reasonable amount of market share. That’s due to the increasing prevalence of 10 GbE [and] the ease of use and low cost of providing Ethernet networks over providing fiber channel," Pinder told TechTarget.

While 10 GbE is enabling FCoE's supremacy over other storage technologies, it may not be long before more data center operators are moving forward to 40 GbE adoption. According to a recent Connector Supplier report, 40 GbE is experiencing an accelerated adoption cycle that is leading to significant investments in the sector. Furthermore, efforts to enable 40 GbE on copper and fiber optic cable infrastructure alike are making the technology more accessible.


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