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Optical networking becoming more prominent 01/19/2012
Fiber optic cable deployments in the data center are rapidly becoming more common, especially in light of trends toward virtualization and consolidation that are expanding bandwidth requirements, Cabling Installation & Maintenance reported.

10 G Base-T can work with CAT 6 cabling infrastructure 01/06/2012
An informational release from a structured cabling company explained that businesses can get away with using their currently installed CAT 6 cable infrastructure while making the transition to 10 G Base-T Ethernet architectures.

Fiber channel supremacy driven by 10 GbE 12/30/2011
In the storage sector, a great debate has been unfolding as to whether iSCSI or fiber channel over Ethernet will emerge as the dominant networking protocol for storage arrays.

Home networking advances on horizon 12/23/2011
The IEEE Hybrid Networking 1905.1 working group is making strides toward its goal of creating interoperability between traditional home networking technologies.

More bandwidth needed for storage arrays 10/06/2011
Storage arrays have advanced substantially in recent years, as hard disk drive and solid state drive manufacturers have introduced innovative products and server technologies have become more sophisticated.

More companies deploying optical networks 10/04/2011
A growing number of telecom carriers are turning to optical technology and striving to deploy fiber optic cabling solutions to support advanced network protocols.

Ethernet infrastructure key to support the cloud 09/26/2011
As more companies turn to the cloud, the industry is entering a phase where the cloud is no longer the future and is now the present of IT, according to a recent report from the Engineer.

Advanced WAN deployments becoming more prominent 09/21/2011
Rising network demands have created an environment where businesses are increasingly replacing their aging frame relay and ATM network equipment with MPLS and Ethernet-based WAN systems, according to a recent In-Stat study.

Detailed IPv6 security risks emerging 09/07/2011
It has been clear that IPv6 will present a number of significant security risks because it is such a new protocol and changes many traditional network strategies.

WAN optimization key to support desktop virtualization 09/02/2011
Virtualization in all of its forms is making the WAN more important in enterprise settings. However, desktop virtualization is proving to be a key beneficiary of WAN optimization.

WAN management key for application delivery 08/23/2011
Companies are increasingly centralizing their IT resources into larger data centers and transporting applications through the WAN to end users in a wide range of locations.

Understanding IPv6 security 08/18/2011
Network security is increasingly becoming a critical concern for businesses and consumers alike, and companies working toward IPv6 migration need to consider how switching to the new protocol will impact their security protocols.

Packet optical switching market climbing 08/12/2011
The packet optical switching market is expect to rise steadily between now and 2015 because of increased spending from telecom carriers, according to a recent Heavy Reading study.

Ethernet offers operational versatility 08/09/2011
A growing number of businesses are identifying versatility as a key element of network infrastructure because internet connection technologies are rapidly changing.

Unified communications fueling network upgrades 08/05/2011
More businesses are considering network equipment upgrades in light of increasingly complex and robust unified communications systems and industry trends that are impacting the way networks and UC technology align.

Companies emphasizing network performance 07/20/2011
Businesses are handling rapidly rising amounts of data and network equipment is forced to respond by working at peak capacity most of the time.

IPv6 security implications go beyond network issues 07/18/2011
IPv6 migration represents a systematic shift in how users access the internet by allowing direct, device-to-device communication.

Sustainability can be achieved at the network level 07/07/2011
Green IT initiatives are becoming more important than ever because data centers are facing rapidly rising data consumption and infrastructure growth rates.

Data center network equipment market still growing 06/27/2011
In 2010, the data center network equipment market experienced significant growth due to demand created by companies not upgrading systems during the recession.

Fiber optic equipment testing market on the rise 06/23/2011
Networking tools that help test fiber optic cabling equipment are in high demand throughout Europe.

File transfer industry making progress on IPv6 migration 06/13/2011
IPv6 migration is critical for almost every industry. However, the file transfer sector faces unique IPv6 challenges making it an ideal example of how complex IPv6 migration can be.

Addressing IPv6 security issues 06/07/2011
The long-term security problems that could be caused by IPv6 adoption, and the security benefits that can be created by the new address protocol, are somewhat unclear.

Network traffic set to quadruple by 2015 06/06/2011
Significant investments in new network equipment could be on the horizon, as Cisco's recent Visual Networking Index Forecast anticipates online traffic to quadruple by 2015.

Growth ahead in networking tool market 05/23/2011
Significant growth is expected in the global networking tool market between 2011 and 2014.

Structured cabling becoming more critical for intelligent building design 05/17/2011
Engineers, construction workers and other individuals involved in the intelligent building industry are increasingly recognizing the importance of fiber optic and copper structured cabling infrastructure in design implementation.

IPv6 getting a greater sense of urgency 05/09/2011
Any new technology will take a few years of deployment before becoming mainstream.

Complexity hampering IPv6 upgrades 05/04/2011
Many telecom service providers have yet to migrate to the IPv6 address protocol because they do not recognize any economically viable reasons to make the transition.

UPS consolidation can fuel green IT initiatives 04/29/2011
Power consumption is one of the greatest barriers to green IT in data center environments.

Liquid becoming critical in green IT initiatives 04/28/2011
Liquid could be the future of energy efficient IT systems in the data center.

WAN virtualization can improve network performance, report says 04/27/2011
Data center consolidation, virtualization, cloud computing, growing amounts of video traffic and other changes on the internet's workload in enterprise settings is leading to a growing trend toward WAN virtualization.

WAN optimization fueling the cloud 04/21/2011
Businesses are increasingly establishing advanced networks based on high-performance cabling infrastructure to support the bandwidth needs of cloud computing and other new technologies.

New Ethernet standard a boon for data centers 03/17/2011
Data centers are facing a growing amount of traffic that threatens to create inefficiencies by overloading switches and other equipment with more information than they can handle.

New IEEE standard coming on heels of 100G 03/11/2011
The 40 to 100 Gigabit per second standard was only ratified last year, and many companies have yet to invest in the new technological system because they cannot afford its cost.

Data centers getting their tiers confused 02/09/2011
Over a decade ago, The Uptime Institute established a set of standards, split into four tiers, that measure a data center's overall reliability, availability and performance.

New Ethernet standard creating testing challenges 02/07/2011
The IEEE 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s standard, also known as the 802.3ba, addresses the growing need for more bandwidth, higher speeds and improved link aggregations.

Cable management still critical when dealing with patch cords 02/04/2011
In many data centers, managing and routing patch cables is an afterthought, according to a recent report from Cabling Installation and Maintenance.

Network and data security market on the rise 02/03/2011
A recent report from ABI Research found more companies are investing in networking tools to manage their network and data security systems.

Cisco to acquire Pari Networks 01/31/2011
Cisco recently announced it intends to acquire Pari Networks, a privately-owned network configuration provider.

Report: Aging network equipment can affect performance 01/28/2011
Network performance issues caused by aging or faulty equipment can sometimes be mistaken for software problems, according to a recent Computerworld report.

New standard and guide for interoperability of networking equipment and Smart Grid technology coming from the IEEE 01/21/2011
An IEEE study group recently announced a new P2030 standard designed to foster interoperability between networking equipment and Smart Grid technology.

IT spending patterns set to change in 2011 01/21/2011
The global IT market is set to continue expanding in 2011, but spending patterns may change considerably, according to a recent report published by research firm Gartner.

New green technologies may change network equipment needs 01/14/2011
An increasing number of businesses are investing resources in developing and adopting green IT.